website hosting for Creative Professionals

Welcome to SilverType....

Every business needs a website in order to be seen as a professional operation. But not everyone has the time or inclination to learn the complexities of web development. In fact, you probably shouldn't - better to spend your energies on your core skills. You are a creative professional, not a geek.

Your web hosting company needs to provide a professionally managed web server that's available 24/7. Chances are you had a designer or web developer set up a hosting account for you; the hosting charges just appear on your monthly credit card bill and you think no more about it. You're probably paying too much, getting very little support, and your website is constantly out of date - damaging your brand. Most "consumer" web hosting caters to the lowest common denominator, emphasizing quantity over quality.

The SilverType Difference

  • Web hosting designed specifically for creative freelancers and small businesses
  • Easy setup and configuration of web and email - including personalized email addresses
  • Service and support from someone who understands the unique needs of creative professionals
  • Quality, reliable hosting, backed by a professionally-managed data center with multiple Internet connections and backup generators
  • Easy web-based self-service control panel for configuring most aspects of your service - no complicated ftp or telnet commands (or of course, let us do it for you)
  • Support tailored to your abilities
  • Customized services to meet your specific needs